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*I'm a 21 year old woman, who loves singing, the beach, shows, tattoos, piercings and photography.
*I'm Extremely nurturing and kind, I don't judge; I just want to be loved...
*I'm an anime nerd, who loves to draw, read, watch movies and play video games <3

18. July 2014

I love you so much and I miss you like crazy.. I’m so sorry for not seeing you. I’m sorry for not being there for you. I’m sorry that I can’t be as strong as you would want me to be. I just feel like my whole world is collapsing on me and I’m struggling to breathe. I wish you could have seen me marry my future husband. I wish you could have seen my children. I wish I could have been a better niece. I wish I could have been there for you when you needed someone. I wish cancer didn’t exist. I wish you could have lived longer and more happy. I wish you weren’t stuck to a machine. But most of all, I just wish you weren’t gone so we could smile and laugh together at least one more time.

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