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*I'm a 20 year old girl, who loves singing, the beach, shows, tattoos, piercings and photography.
*I'm bisexual, I don't judge; I just want to be loved...
*I'm an anime nerd, who loves to draw, read, watch movies and play video games <3

Just have to keep trying, and swim along
18. April 2014

Ew, just please fucking stop.

You’re taking our song and using it 

To try and fuck him.

You disgusting little wench..

That song means a lot to us

More than what you’re petty, little, slut ass

Would be able to comprehend.

I hate women like you.

The women who would do anything to fuck a guy

That they think is attractive.

You don’t really care about the song or it’s meaning.

We do, so please, stop disgracing our song,

And acting as if you love it and understand it.

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